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02 March 2009

Legend of Lake Toba

In the days of old, a young farmer Hiduplah orphans in the northern part of Sumatra island. Region is very dry. Youth is a living from farming and fishing, until one day he was on fishing, he was already half a day to do the job but not one fish in the possible. 

So he went home because of race day was started late at night, but when he returned he wanted to see a fish that big and beautiful, yellow gold. He also catch fish with it and immediately bring home fish he is, after arriving at home very hungry because he wanted to cook the fish but because of the beautiful fish. 

He also imprison intention for cooking fish, he prefers to keep, and he put it in a large container and eat, as is usually the next day he went to the farm field, and until noon he shall return to the, with the goal of trying to eat lunch, but what surprised them himself, when I saw the house, the house has its cuisine is available in ready to eat, it is great wonder, he also occur in fish because of its fear of people steal, with the haste he fled to the back, see the fish pancingnya at night. In fact fish is still in place, he thought long who do all of that, but because the stomach is hungry, he was eventually eat the cuisine. 

And this is continually recurring back, he went home every meal, cuisine has been terhidang in the house. Until the youth has intention to snoop who do all of that, the next day he started running his intention, he also began hiding among the trees near her house. He long wait, but the smoke in the kitchen house is also not yet seen, and he also intends to return home because it was bored to wait long, but so he would be out of his hideout, he began to see smoke in the kitchen house, the land he was walking slowly toward the back his house to see who is doing all of that. 

Would it surprised himself when he sees who is doing all that, he saw a Women's a very beautiful and pretty long, with the land, he slowly entered the house, and arrest the woman. And he said, 

"Hai .. women, who do you, and from which source you? " 

Still the woman bowed, and tears began to drop, and the youth will also see the fish is no longer in place. He also said the woman, 

"Women, Where the fish in this case?" 

Women are also more crying sobbing tears, but the page continues to force the young man and the woman finally said 

"I am the fish that you catch yesterday." 

Youth was also surprised, but because the youth feel that the heart has been hurt the woman, the young man page says, 

"O woman Shall you be my wife ..??", 

Women's surprised page, he only bowed & silent, and said the youth page 

"Why do not you answer the questions I ..?!". 

Then the woman said, "I want to be your wife .. but with one condition, if the requirement is to respond quickly with the youth said, the woman said, 

"Indeed, if our child is born and grows, do not you ever say that is anakni Dekke (son of fish)." 

Youth are also agreeing to the terms and swear it will not you say it, and its end they were married. 

Until they have children aged 6-year, the child is jackanapes (hobo language = jugul) and never listen to the advice his parents, then one day the mother told her son to take the rice fields to his father, the child is going to take his father's rice , but in the way he feels hungry, he is also a food that is wrapped to his father, and ate the food. Once completed eat, and he also wrapped up its back and continue the journey to the fields father, after arriving in the fields father He gave the parcel to the father, with his father are very happy to receive it, and his father was sitting, and immediately open a pack of rice cooked in by his wife to him, how his father terkejutnya view the content of the parcel. There is only a fishbone course, also ask the father to his son 

"O my son. Why the content of this parcel is only pure fish bones," his son said was, "earlier in the trip perutku feel hungry so I ate," the father of any emotion, he spat with strong cheek and said her son 

"Botul maho anakni dekke (basic child you fish)," 

The child was crying and ran to the home., Arrived at the house after her son was asking what the father says 

"Mak .. na olo do in dokkon amangi, do botul au anakni dekke (mak. the truth is my father, I am the true son fish) "to hear the words of his mother, her son was surprised, while the water drop in the eye and said, in the heart. 

"My husband has been in violation of oath, and now I must return to my home," 

Thus, even the sky darken, lightning strike also nyambar, Rain storms also started coming down with derasnya, the child and the mother raib, from their former foot of water that appears out of water very fast, to form an area of Lake, the name be Tuba lake, which means the lake can not pity you, but difficult because the hobo says Tuba, the lake is called to the Lake Toba .. 

Based on the stories of the local community. 

Quoted from: http://rapolo.wordpress.com

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Anonymous said...

nice story guys, it is just folk story.
Lake toba