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07 February 2009

Batak Traditional Music Society

If considered as a man, Viky Sianipar see music Gondang currently negotiating with the angel of death in the ICU hospital room. Bodies lie low, with his life depends tools. Music Gondang dying. Need serious attention! 

Like other traditional cultural fate, the existence of music Gondang at this time is in the end of the horn. No matter that many, even the Batak themselves. "People now own hobo'm not too concerned with culture," said Teacher Etnomusikologi IKJ Tarsan Simamora to the National Journal, Friday (25 / 4). 

Look back almost to extinction Gondang no music apart from the colonialist efforts to split the Batak. Gondang music used in religious ceremonies for the prayer to the human world above. When music is played, the players sarune and taganing regarded as menifestasi Batara Guru. "Music Gondang used to communicate with the world's top players and it seems tranformasi music is going to ease relations with the world over," said Viky. 

Then, he continued, the entrance to Land Christian Batak culture change in the community there. Even the church music Gondang identical with the spirit of ancestor worship as a form of worship of idols. 

In the early 20th century Nommensen ask the Dutch colonial government to prohibit drug and ceremonial music Gondang. This prohibition survive almost forty years until in 1938. "It is a jolt telak Gondang for the development of music," said Viky. 

Viky also tries examine socio-economic condition of Batak society at that time, the living dibalut poverty. So Boro Boro-thinking culture, Viky words, they are too busy thinking about what her family would eat. 

Condition worsened the situation with the young people who tergilas by the wave of Western culture into India. The MTV generation is more proud to learn music from abroad. Traditional music such as Gondang left because they plebeian. "They try to imitate America, and in the United States they are also not considered," said owner Viky Sianipar Music Center is. 

Music Gondang rarely used in traditional ceremonies Batak, such as ritual penikahan also the fact that the lack of public awareness of the preservation of music Gondang. "They even lebh often have a single organ, the only two that use music Gondang," tukas Jeffar LUMBAN Gaol. 

Traditional music, which should be placed as a valuable asset, even so let it evaporate. So that not a thing impossible if the existence of music and then evaporate Gondang tergerus period. "The music in the world, Gondang have a special location," said Jeffar. 

Unique music pentatonik 

Review of the glasses etnomusikologi, Gondang is one type of musical tradition of Toba Batak. Gondang but can also be translated as a composition that is found in these types of music. There are two music ensembel Gondang, namely Gondang Sabangunan which is usually played outdoors, on the home page, and Gondang Hasapi which is usually played in the home. 

Gondang Sabangunan consists of sarune bolon (a kind of wind instrument-tool "oboe"), taganing (equipment consists of five kendang that have locked melodis role with sarune), Gondang (kendang a big stick rhythm rhythm), a four-gong called ogung and hesek perkusi a tool (usually a hit with a bottle of wood or metal rod) which help rhythm. 

Sarune Bolon is double Reed instruments wind instrument (oboe), which is similar other tools that can be found in Java, India, China. Pemain sarune practice techniques called marsiulak hosa (return to the breath-hold) and let the players play for the phrases that long without stopping once to draw breath. 

According Viky, unique music Gondang located on nadanya. He explains, in the musical gamut Gondang locked in a way that is almost the same as the gamut of major diatonis found in Western music. "As far as I know, can not be found elsewhere in the world," said Viky. 

Like gamelan music that is found in Java and Bali, the system of tones used in music have Gondang variation between each ensembel, this variation depends on the aesthetic sarune and players taganing. Then there is enough variation between groups in the region and increase the diversity of cultural inheritance is the most valuable. 

Ogung gong consists of four who each have a role in the structure of rhythm. Gondang rhythm pattern called doal, and similar concepts in the cycle that is found in the gong gamelan music from Java and Bali, but the rhythm cycle doal shorter. 

Most of the repertoire Gondang Sabangunan also played in the context ensembel Gondang Hasapi. Ensembel consists of hasapi Ende (a kind of small guitar strap that has two main melody), hasapi doal (a kind of small guitar strap that has two main patterns of movement), garantung (a kind of xylophone melody play a small role taganing take ensembel in Gondang Hasapi ), sulim (a kind of flute made of bamboo that have a paper membrane to vibrate, such as sulim dze of China), sarune etek (a kind of clarinet which take the role sarune bolon in ensembel this), and hesek (a kind of tool that perkusi reinforce rhythm, usually tools This bottle is a hit with a spoon or knife). 

Gamut of the music used in Gondang hasapi almost the same as that used in Gondang Sabangunan, but more like gamut diatonis mayor used in the West. This is because the influence of Christian church music. 

Unfortunately, the wealth Gondang music get less attention. Some musicians connect breath music Gondang the middle tersengal between dead and living with the event Gondang Naposo. "Sadly the event was held by the Board of Jakarta," said Jeffar. 

There are many roads that can be adopted to save Gondang such as traditional music, including the conduct of showtimes are packed modern. "Media have a role in creating big trends," said Viky. 

Senada with Viky, Jeffar also suggested that more musicians often perform traditional music showtimes. In addition, he also urges that the popular musician put two songs in one album, to affect young people. "They have a very big influence," he said. 

News source: http://www.batakmusic.com/?p=129

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