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03 February 2009

Back In The Charm Of Lake Toba

AFTER passing through a hill, from the back and forth rerimbunan tree-trunks and trunks of many pine grow in the street appear to overlay the water go. Cool air and smell the fresh water began to meet the chest and spread coolness and feeling relieved. Slowly, feeling tired after a journey through four hours from Medan also eventually disappear. 

Of an exotic experience that nobody can see terungkapkan when the morning sun rays fall on the surface of a calm lake, or enjoy the silence when the afternoon sun began to penetrate behind the horizon. If not wrong splendor of Lake Toba get to share the world and throughout the country. 

When entering Parapat, a town on the edge of Lake Toba, people will be impressed with terkagum-cantiknya natural Toba. In addition, fatigue sirna soon enjoy a moment when the coffee warm while you look beautiful Lake Toba. Fatigue will gradually vanish, when the specialty of North Sumatra, Minang, Padang or presented a variety of restaurants located at the main street of the city fill the empty stomach. In addition, the fatigue can be removed when the traveler to enjoy the delights Parapat mango with a typical sour-sweet taste it. 

LAKE form Toba eruption of a volcano. Collapse of the mountain is there and Lake Toba. Some of the debris into Samosir Island. Natural events that create a beautiful area. Lake area of 6.60 square kilometers, surrounded by the mountain walls that rise up to 480 meters high above sea level. 

Hill in the southeast and east called Bukit Habinsaran and Simanukmanuk. Uluan wall that separates Sumatra and the east coast. Uluan is a hilly area in the lower level there is Holbung or Toba Toba Valley. In this area there is a fertile agricultural land and densely inhabited. This region lies between Porsea and Balige. 

Meanwhile, in the area of higher-called normal-humbang many ditumbuhi grass and shrubbery and rocks. From the rocks that appear between the sources of water that is clear. In the area there is one big river called AEK Sigeaon, across the plains pahae near Silindung a broad valley. In the north, known as incense. The place known as Sijama-tree tapper Polang or incense. Nearly all the area was located at an altitude of 900 to 1800 meters above sea level, with a peak in the mountains Pusukbuhit. 

However, the beauty of Lake Toba is not only there only. Travel has just started. At Parapat crossing have a pier that is located in the area Ajibata. From the dock that the tourists can cross over to the island of Samosir, which is in the middle of Lake Toba. 

With pay Rp 45,000 for vehicle and Rp 1500 for passengers, the tourists can use the cruise ferry sandar every three hours. Feri "Tao Toba I" and "Tao Toba II" for one day in turn routes the Ajibata-Tomok in Samosir. Travel with the ferries are more or less adopted during two hours. 

Tomok is one of several centers of tourism in the area Samosir. Another area that also is a center of tourism in and around Lake Toba Samosir is a tuk-tuk, tombs of kings in Sidabutar Batak, Batak in the Palace of King Ambarita, and crafts center in the area ulos cloth Pangururan. 

In the area was established many shops selling souvenirs of various goods such as ulos handicrafts, wood carvings typical Batak land systems such as dismantling vagabond, a drug made from bamboo, and the guitar hobo. In addition, in the area, as in Tomok and tuk-tuks, there are many villa and lodging bertarif the average Rp 75,000 to Rp 150,000. In the area are also many stand-star hotels one star to two charges of up to Rp 350,000 per night. Hotel-hotel that was established on the shores of Lake making it easier for tourists to enjoy swimming in the lake. 

In the area and visited a lot of foreign tourists was also set up many restaurants and shop that offers a variety of sweet, good taste bercita traditional rendang and grilled fish and a sense of international bercita such as hamburgers and pizza. Store or restaurant that was established in many lakeside so that tourists can eat the meal while enjoying the beauty of the lake. 

Besides the beauty of the lake and nikmatnya dishes presented various hotels and lodging, the traveler can enjoy the elegance and Toba land with mountain bike or ride a motorcycle. Bicycles and motorcycles are rented lodging managers with rental price Rp 35,000 per day for a bicycle and Rp 50,000 per day for the following motorcycle fuel. 

Therefore, the majority of the road between Tomok, tuk-tuk to Pangururan a distance of more than 40 km found many foreign tourists who enjoy the atmosphere of rural cycling. Bicycle or motorcycle, because many tourists are a means of transportation that can easily be used to explore the remote and rural villages in the area and Toba Samosir. 

In addition, the roads in the area are narrow and in some places difficult to be damaged if you'd like explored by car. 

A German tourist, Martin Koessler, say, charm lies in the Toba population and the natural hospitality of Toba still relatively natural. This is also justified by colleagues, Florian Rott, who impressed at the attitude of a village that serves rice berlauk teri time they visit a village in Pangururan. "We do not need to Toba if you want to enjoy the pizza. We will be to Italy if you want to eat pizza," said Florian. 

Toba the face of the authenticity of the watch when they entered the village, as in Simarmata, Sagala, and Sihaloho, they are very impressive. In the village that they can enjoy the way people traditionally prepare Bataks the thick coffee or enjoy the food with the hands. Hospitality of their very impressive. 

In addition, the original nature that they enjoy the Toba from height of the hills around Lake Toba interest them very interesting to go back to the Toba. Ambarita at a site known as the Palace of the King of Batak clan Siallagan, the tour guide with a simple and friendly narrative stories tempo first. They told the court about the practice of the past and show the process until the execution terpidana. Each question asked tourists with them thoroughly. They are not in a hurry narrate each fragment. They serve an average rate Rp 15,000 to Rp 20,000 to guide tourists to understand the site. 

In addition, in every village with a lot of people happy to tell about the village and tricks on how to create ulos, woven fabric typical Batak. In the Village LUMBAN Suhi-suhi, about six kilometers from the District Pangururan, many crafter ulos cloth which opens with a narrative on how to create the woven fabric. They were happy if someone who visits the village. In addition to bringing additional revenue, the presence of tourists can get to the development of the business and their insight. 

Ulos a crafter, Nai Marudut boru Situmorang, recounts, ulos cloth never used his people mengulosi Catholic leader Pope John Paul II during a visit Indonesia in 1990. Opportunity to create industrial centers that are known ulos people. 

However, at this time ulos industry in the area, although less developed village LUMBAN Suhi-suhi a pilot village in the area of industrial ulos Toba Samosir. Initial capital fund and a Rp 200 million that the State Ministry of Cooperatives dikucurkan Small and Medium Enterprises and to this day have not received them. In fact, the fund since five months ago has been disbursed Koperasi Serba Usaha Pemuda Pancasila Kabupaten Toba Samosir designated as loans. 

The crafter ulos revealed that, in fact the funds can be an alternative for them to develop the business. Ulos current price ranges from Rp 15,000 to Rp 150,000. Price is more expensive if ulos made an order ulos. "Ulos such a price can reach Rp 500,000. In addition to fine, coraknya also special," said Nai Marudut. 

Ulos like that can be sewn into jacket, shirt, or gown. According to him, the alternative that can provide an opportunity for the crafter to produce more creative in ulos. But unfortunately, the effort is terganjal difficult and expensive capital yarn. 

Nai Marudut said, to this day many tourists still interested in a variety of goods such as handicrafts Batak ulos. Interest that can become opportunities to increase the income of Toba Samosir, which is relying on agricultural products such as rice and onion. This condition eventually culminate in the fall of the world tour in Toba Samosir. 

Although up to now is not systematically recorded, the number of tourist visits to Toba Samosir is decreasing. The trend was the effect of the poor rural residents in Toba Samosir. By the end of 2002 in Pangururan, the largest district in the edge of Lake Toba, the original income more or less Rp 10 million. In fact, in District Sianjur First, about 14 kilometers north Pangururan, income native regions only Rp 3 million. 

The small local income is due to infrastructure in the area inadequate. Many routes to Sianjur First out. It is one of the landslides. Many in the area of barren hills, so when the big rains come, the area threatened by landslides. The same thing also happened in District Pangururan. In fact, in various district Pangururan and District Balige in the area, many roads are often damaged as the truck passed-pine timber transporter trucks that exceed the capacity tonasenya way. 

In addition, of late life of farmers in the two districts is threatened because of their onion crops to fail. Rain that constantly run into the area decay of onion crop farmers. A farmer in the village Parbaba, for example, had to pull out the plants that start bawangnya rooted and make fertilizer. "Even if there is a result, will not be sufficient to plant again. Terpaksalah now we eat corn. Wait for the new rice will be more money," he said. 

Camat Sianjur Firstly Unggul Sitanggang said, in principle, the Toba Samosir has great tourism potential. However, because the economic conditions of the people who are very limited, the potential is difficult to develop. "To try to defend our already difficult course. However, if the government tries to help with caring for the road, the possibility of regional economic conditions this can tertolong," said Sitanggang.

Economic difficulties and delays in government attention to infrastructure in the area of tourism development tends to cause a hiccup. Toba Samosir natural elegance become less economically useful if the power to support the development of the population constrained. In fact, they become the main motor driving the wheels of tourism in the area. 

Sincerity and friendliness have been the principal capital and has been owned by the Toba Samosir. However, if these are not supported by the willpower of the government to stand on them, any effort made to promote the tourism in the area will be futile. 

In principle, the tourist industry will be advanced if the population is growing and growing and progressing. Awareness of the importance of tourism finally understood not simply as a motor of foreign exchange. However, tourism also understand and be understood solely as a means of meeting antarberbagai different culture and enrich the culture is. 

Thus, two-way effect of tourism, both to tourists and to local residents. Besides the economic benefits enjoyed by residents, their insights about the world any other developing, as well as for tourists. They will diperkaya with the culture and way of life for their new and impressive. According to Florian and Martin, it is far more impressive than just souvenirs that will obsolete by time.

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